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Lumine x childe ao3

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Lumine accepts.

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- Central Couple Childe x Lumine, Lumine x Thoma - Contains 18, explicit and implicit. .

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Lumine tries to find another travel companion to accompany her and Paimon on their journey.

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Zhongli buys Childe (with 128,000 mora) a pair of dragon-and-phoenix chopsticks as a gift.

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Kaeya Alberich runs the bar Angels Share alongside his brother, Diluc Ragnvindr
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When he woke up he found himself at the beginning of his journey
You missed Childe dearly
Confronted with a monster out of herworst nightmares, she is saved by a group of infamous samurai called the Shinsengumi, each man more complicated than the next
So Lumine used her elemental sight to search relics around